Working with Difficult Emotions

Befriending Yourself to Experience Wholeness

Do you struggle with handling difficult emotions? Fear, loneliness, anxiety, grief... you name it...

Difficult emotions can overtake us.

This workshop was recorded live with Dr. Cailin in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to offer supportive processes for handling the overwhelming times we were facing.

She explains the details of her favorite and most effective self-care practice that can help you not just FEEL better but also connect with a deeper feeling of wholeness.

You'll get unlimited access to:

The 17-minute video from the live training going through Dr. Cailin's core practice for navigating difficult times

A meditation practice not found on any other of Dr. Cailin's platforms that you can integrate into your daily routine

Suggestions for home practice

Journaling prompts to help you deepen your relationship with yourself

You'll be redirected to the workshop and also receive an email so you can access it later.